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Elbony Riggins, Author & Relationship Coach

Elbony Riggins has been helping women for more than 10 yrs. to build, save and restore their marriages.

Elbony married to her partner of 20 yrs, experienced many challenging moments in her marriage early on.  The most challenging were lack of trust, communication and respect.  Elbony was depressed, lonely and feared her marriage would fail, so she began to look for solutions and discovered that she was the best solution.  She was able to survive separation and nearly divorced.   Elbony managed to save her failing marriage by developing a system and an open line of communication with her husband to implement strategies to determine the state of their marriage at all times.   

Elbony believes that women should not feel alone in their marriage nor should they have to feel as if their marriage is failing.  Elbony created "The Marriage Plan" to help women eliminate the feeling of being alone in their marriage and the fear of a failing relationship with their partner.  She wants women to experience more love and respect in their marriages.


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