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Elbony Riggins works with spiritual introverted entrepreneurial  women to build, save and restore their marriages.  She helps women to overcome the feeling of being alone in their marriage and eliminate the fear of a failing relationship with their partner.  She guides women to connect with themselves and their partners,  to marry their vision and become the solution for change to produce a loving supportive relationship.


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We provide coaching experiences where you get a chance to either speak face to face, virtually,  in a group setting or experience working with us in a course.  We have online and offline experiences for our clients. 

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What Is Relationship Coaching?

Relationship Coaching is guided support you will get from an experienced individual about a specific issue related to your marriage or relationship.  The coach is there only to guide you through proven methods to an outcome.  The coach gives you the strategy based upon the information you provide throughout the session.  At the end of the session you will be given an action plan to execute.


Marriages that Matters Blog

In Marriages that Matters, we provide our clients with insider secrets, strategies and relationship articles to help keep you top of mind.  We know how important your marriage is to you, so we give you the info hot off the press.

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Elbony Riggins

#1 Best Selling Author and Relationship Coach inspiring to help build, save and restore many marriages one day at a time.


When you stop believing in your marriage and what is possible, then you have already been defeated

— Elbony Riggins



We strive to give our clients the best experience by listening  to their needs 1st, being sensitive to their issues by providing quality service and giving the best solutions to provide quick  results.