The Power Of Communication

The Power Of Communication



How many times do I have to ask, I appreciate you, I am hurting, I don’t understand what you are saying, Can we get past the past, Can we talk about it later, I need you and why are you not listening to me?  

Often times you may have similar conversations with your partner and you are never really able to quite understand one another.  This is a great example that there is a lack of having the right kinds of conversations in your relationship. This leads to many misunderstandings, confusion and the feeling of not being heard by your partner.

“Confusion is always the result of not having the right conversations in your marriage”

There is power in communicating, it is nothing more than an exchange of information, a form of expression.  It happens when you have individuals sending and receiving ideas and feelings. When there is a mutual understanding and a divine connection you began to exercise the power of communication.

Communication should not be challenging and sometimes it can be, but it is very important that when you are communicating with your partner your intentions are to make a difference in your relationship.  By having the right kinds of conversations it leads you to have positive outcomes. However, don’t get too excited because this is more like a mini bite size way to having successful conversations. There are so many other things that you will have to do and understand about communication.

Talking is easy, and yes I said easy.  I would rather say, talk is cheap. If you have no meaning and depth then, you might as well save your words because you will not be able to get through the toughest of times in life with only surface level conversations.

I know you know exactly what I mean, but here is the thing… many times are you misunderstood, how often do you get into these really big discussions and they lead to arguments only to feel cut off or distant from your partner.  A lot or more often than to be expected? You tell me! I know that you have disagreements or maybe you have many failed attempts at resolving minor issues. Look, at the end of the day, it’s all about the way you show up. How you approach, engage and respond to a conversation will determine the results that you will end up with. If you know you keep getting stuck with this, then let me encourage you today.

There are many tools and resources that you can use to help you make communication easier and I am going to give you access to a few items in my toolkit.  

Here are some tools in Elbony’s toolkit:

Understand your personal communication style

Identify your relationship communication style

Determine you and your partner’s love language

Fulfillment which is the delivery method of communication

Conflict Resolution

When it comes to the relationship communication styles, there are many and I am only going to share a few here with you.  The different relationship communication styles are as follows:




Friends and Partnership

Fully intimate

You and your partner may be communicating in more than one of these styles, but I would encourage you to become familiar with the style of communication that you see your relationship.   

Now there you have it, 5 simple tools that I use in my marriage to help create better communication.  Sometimes by having a better understanding of your styles of communication, love language, the right method of delivering your message across to your partner and knowing what ways to resolve conflict will lead you to greater results.  Believe me! This stuff really works, but you must be intentional and know how to properly use the tools, it’s nothing magical about this. This is work and I had to put in the work everyday to improve the way we communicated with one another and we still have to work at it everyday.

I want to share this with you, you don’t have to do this by yourself.  I can help you, that is if you really want to kick out bad communication and build a greater connection with your partner.  I have just the right program for you. This program will help you get through all of that negative self talk you are having about your marriage.  

Oh...Yeah, I know that sometimes you may feel defeated, like it’s never going to happen for you.  You maybe thinking, He’ll never change….right? I just want you to know that it is possible. So you don’t have to wait, but guess what?  I have a special offer that I just created for my workshop, “The Power of Communication”. We had a blast! I offered them this same program and now I am extending it to you. It will be available only just for a few more days, so get on-board now.  If you are ready! Not if you are scared, but if you know you are ready to change your level of communication and connection in your marriage, then join me in a complimentary session to see if this program is right for you.

Jump right in and don’t hesitate to create more engaging and harmonious conversations with your partner.  Your relationship is worth it! Join me in the free session today.

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